Dark Crystal Cleaner For Glass, Quartz & More-710ml

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DARK CRYSTAL - Cleaning Solution for Glass, Quartz, and More! - 710ml

- Quartz Soaking Agent: Soak your quartz in our solution to bring it back to life!

- Resin Lifting Power: Watch it work! Leave soaking until glass is clean and free of residue.

- No Expiration Date: As long as the bottle is sealed solution will never expire!

- Fully Reusable: Our product does not break down no matter how dirty it gets!

- Hot Soaking Agent: Heat our solution for faster results! Place in microwave for 1-3 minutes or until boiling point. 

- Safe on Glass, Quartz, Acrylic, Titanium, Ceramic

- Cleans Vaporizer Accessories (E-cig Tanks, Coils, Atomizers)

- Emulsifies oil molecules reducing biological oxygen demand

- Ingredients derived from renewable resources

- Made from 100% plant based ingredients

- A true non-carcinogenic green product

- Contains no phosphates

- Safe on the ozone layer

- Pre diluted solution