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Cannabust Card Game

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Up to 5 players take turns trying to match the card face up on top of the deck with either a card of the same number in a different suit or a card of a higher number in the same suit. Use action cards to play strategically, gain advantages, and be the first person to get rid of your stash! Down to your last card? Watch out! Your opponents can try to bust you by correctly guessing which suit you have! Hopefully they weren’t paying attention!

Mission & Vision :

Cannabust™ celebrates a time when global awareness and progressive thinking prevails. The game is essentially a parody towards a very recent and familiar past. It hysterically pokes fun at the absurd nature of these laws and mindset of the general public. Through this game, we pay homage to a period where innocent people were punished for a plant. A plant that we all love, that was put here for us to share. It is our hope to see Cannabust™ promoting a culture of fun and engagement in the cannabis community, fortifying the positive values of a herb that was disrespected and discredited for far too long.